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Stereobänk Breadth Controller adds breadth to any audio signal, large or small.

Stereobänk has a carefully selected set of algorithms for different source materials and desired effects. It can be used for subtle adjustments or quite radical changes to the sonic image of a track.

Stereobänk is available now in VST3 format for Windows 10+ and macOS 11+ on Intel and Apple Silicon processors.

Buy now - $20

Examples #

Reed Piano
Circuit: MS-D, Breadth: 150%, Flux: 40%
Distorted Guitar
Circuit: AH, Breadth: 140%, Flux 0%
Delayed Guitar
Circuit: PB, Breadth: 150%, Flux 50%
Open Chords
Circuits: Smörgåsbord (see video)

Main controls #

Circuit #

Each algorithm in Stereobänk is represented by a circuit. Each circuit has a specific quality and the resulting effect depends on the control settings and the original signal.

Breadth #

With breadth control knob in the mid position, the breadth corresponds to what some stereo-imaging effects call “100% stereo”. The perceived breadth depends on the choice of circuit and input material.

Flux #

Each circuit has a flux processor that creates movement in the stereo image. This can be used to make a track cut through the mix, even at fairly low settings. With Flux set to zero, the stereo image is fixed.